Raspberry Pi offers loads of computing power, extensive documentation and online support, machine vision, IP networking, and support for every available programming language (C, C++, Java).  All that’s missing are the interfaces needed for robotics: motor controllers, sensors, and support for battery powered operation.

The PiBot Zero addresses all of these and is designed for schools, camps, FIRST teams, and robotics enthusiasts.  The PiBot allows you to use the Raspberry Pi Zero, RPi2, RPi3, etc. as the heart of your robot.

Key features include:

  • 6v-20vdc battery input
  • Supplies 5vdc power to Pi and peripherals
  • Dual DC motor control interface: L298N or 2x PWM
  • 4x PWM motor control interfaces (Servo or DC – 5v levels)
  • 5x-11x Digital Input/Output at 5v levels
  • I2C interfaces supporting 3v3 and 5v levels (connect 9DOF, digital compass, etc.)
  • Factory option for integrated 9DOF sensor

For more information see the PiBot Zero Manual

See it in use on a robot in this video (at 0:19)

For more information email or call 301-970-9700: