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What is Ceres?

Ceres is a suite of software and hardware products designed to help small and medium-sized farms with automation and precision agriculture. Large farms make extensive use of technology to improve yields and manage costs, but much of that technology is priced out of reach of smaller farms.

Key Features

Ceres’ free tier of service offers many key features that help farmers organize their business and reduce paperwork. The free tier is not a teaser; it is fully functional and offers a rich set of features including:

  • Field Mapping
  • Weather service integration
  • Crop planning
  • GDD Tracking
  • Activity and issue tracking

Plan your crop and activities through your phone or computer

Farmers can replace their paper logs with digital data entered in the field using any Android cell phone or tablet. Phones provide GPS location data and the option to include photos in logs. Data is stored securely, accessible anywhere, and automatically backed up. Use your phone or computer to plan your crops and activities and to analyze your data through comprehensive reports.

As farmers seek increasing automation, they can add capabilities at low cost including:

  • Wireless monitoring (soil moisture, temperature, rainfall)
  • Irrigation automation
  • Cost accounting

Fully Integrated System

Farm Management

Automate your farming log: the Ceres mobile app lets you record your activities such as fertigation and applications while you are in the field and uploads them automatically when internet access is available. Log diseases, pests, weeds including pictures using your Android phone or tablet. View and print reports from your phone or computer to track your progress each season.

Cost Accounting

The cost accounting option lets you understand your business: how profitable were those peppers? Farm activity labor and material costs are automatically applied to the appropriate crops. Detailed accounting costs by crop and field help you understand and optimize your business for maximum profit. Automated labor reports are also generated from your activity log.

Weather Integration

Ceres integrates weather data from multiple weather services along with optional data collected directly on your farm. Accurate weather data and forecast helps with irrigation management and application planning.

Remote Monitoring And Control

Ceres soil sensors and irrigation controls are fully integrated with the Ceres web and mobile applications. Monitor and manage your drip-irrigation system from your phone or computer. Installation is push-button simple; sensors and controls appear in your web/mobile apps as soon as you deploy them.

Farm Smarter

Understand your costs for each crop.  Manage water usage. Fewer pests and diseases. Generate regulatory reports automatically.

  • Free web and mobile apps
  • Low cost wireless remote solutions