WiFi Gateway


Ceres gateway connects your wireless sensors and controls to the internet.



A Ceres WiFi gateway securely connects your wireless Ceres sensors and controls to the internet. Ceres sensors use a proprietary wireless technology to achieve long range and ultra-low power. The WiFi Gateway serves as a bridge between the sensors/controls and your existing WiFi network so you can manage your farm online!

  • Installation and pairing are push-button simple. 
  • Each gateway supports up to 100 wireless sensors and controllers.
  • Supports WiFi access points and Cellular Hotspots for internet access
  • Long range antenna and UL listed power supply are included
  • FCC Certified

Low cost, maintenance free, easy to install, the Ceres wireless gateway makes remote monitoring and control of your farm easy.


  • Q: What’s included?
  • A: A gateway, UL-listed power adapter, power cable, and antenna.
  • Q: Power is not reliable on my farm, what battery backup options exist?
  • A: The Ceres Gateway is a very low power device (less than 1W average power) The Anker Powercore Fusion 5000 and 10000 provide both power and extended battery backup. APC’s BGE90M and BGE50ML are also inexpensive and provide hours of backup power, and surge protection.


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