Manage Irrigation Remotely
And Automatically

Automatic irrigation controls:

  • Save time

  • Optimize crop conditions

  • Reduce irrigation costs

  • Reduce runoff

Breakthrough technology means truly wireless valve control: no running wires through your fields or overgrown solar panels. The internal high-density lithium battery powers both the controller and the valve providing years of trouble-free service.

Ceres high quality brass and stainless ball-valves are available in sizes from DN15 (1/2″) through DN50 (2″). Cables are available in 2m, 4m, and custom lengths.

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How It Works

Each valve controller is paired with a remote Ceres soil sensor. The sensor continuously monitors and transmits soil moisture conditions.

When the soil is too dry for your crop, the system opens the valve to allow water into the drip irrigation system. When the soil moisture rises to the proper level, the system closes the valve again automatically.

The soil moisture and the state of the valve are monitored and updated every 15 minutes. You can view and control the valves remotely using your mobile phone or computer.

Recommended for use with T-Tape* and compatible drip irrigation systems.

CS1 Wireless Valve Control