Designed For Outdoor Agricultural Use

Ceres® wireless soil sensors will help you:

  • Extend your growing season

  • Reduce irrigation costs

  • Minimize run-off

  • Reduce disease and pest problems

  • Maximize yield

Ceres products are easy to install and use. Everything is built in: battery, sensors, data logger, and wireless transmitter; just plant a CS1 and start monitoring your crops! The sensors measure and transmit soil moisture and temperature every 15 minutes. View reports anywhere using your mobile phone or computer.

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How It Works

The Ceres CS1 wireless soil sensor is designed for agriculture. It monitors and reports soil moisture and temperature (at 2″ and 4″ depths) every 15 minutes. Data is transmitted using a long-range wireless link so sensors can be placed anywhere on your farm.

Monitoring temperatures lets you decide when it’s safe to first plant and when it’s time for the last harvest, extending your growing season. Soil temperature is measured at 2-inch and 4-inch depths to monitor seed, seedling, and mature crop root conditions.

Managing soil moisture helps maximize yield, minimize runoff, and prevent the conditions that lead to disease and pest growth. Moisture is measured using advanced VHF capacitive technology to minimize variations due to mineral content. For greater control, add a Ceres drip irrigation controller for fully automatic irrigation to keep soil moisture optimal for your crops.

Proprietary wireless technology provides far greater range than traditional technologies such as bluetooth and wifi. The ultra-long-life lithium battery provides years of hassle-free service with no battery replacement or overgrown solar panels. Readings are stored in our secure data center, automatically backed up, and always available.

CS1 Wireless Soil Sensor