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What does Ceres Remote Management Offer?2019-03-13T16:01:46-04:00

Precision remote automation.

  • Ceres wireless products include soil sensors, irrigation controllers, rain gauges, and more.

  • Monitor your field conditions at home from your computer or smartphone

  • Extend your growing season by knowing exactly when ground temperatures permit planting or require harvesting.

  • Automatic irrigation controls open and close valves autonomously to keep soil at optimal moisture levels for each crop.

  • Wireless rain gauge tracks local rainfall on your fields

  • Software analytics provide graphical reports correlate rainfall, irrigation, and

What does Ceres Cost Accounting offer?2019-03-13T15:52:38-04:00

The ability to understand your costs for each crop. Small farms understand their crop-based revenue, but not costs…how much did that crop of peppers cost to grow? Ceres Accounting helps you understand by connecting costs to crops. Ceres Cost Accounting includes:

  • Cash management: track disbursements/receipts
  • Standard business accounting reports
  • Track labor costs: hours, pay – for each crop!

  • Track materials costs – for each crop! When you fertigate fields, Ceres will automatically allocate water and fertilizer costs proportionally to each crop by acreage.

  • Integration with popular accounting software
  • Companion Android app allows easy entry of labor and materials usage in the field even without internet service

  • Data-center reliability with data automatically backed up

  • Access your data anywhere on your computer or smart phone

What premium features does Ceres offer?2019-03-13T15:45:37-04:00

Ceres offers two premium modules that are fully integrated with the free service:

  • Cost Accounting – track labor and materials costs by crop

  • Wireless Remote Management – intelligent, automated irrigation control and field monitoring

What does Ceres free tier of service provide?2019-03-13T15:31:00-04:00

Ceres free tier of service is not a teaser; it provides extensive farm management features including:

  • Crop planning and management

  • Automatically track GDD for each crop

  • Activity tracking and reporting (tilling, planting, irrigation, fertigation, etc.)

  • Application lockout management

  • Regulatory compliance reports (e.g. detailed NPK usage by crop/acre)

  • Issue tracking (diseases, weeds, pests)

  • Integration with local weather services

  • Companion Android app for logging issues and activities in the field without internet service

  • Access your data anywhere on your computer or smart phone


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