CS1 Wireless Soil Sensor


CS1 wireless soil sensor – integrated agricultural sensor, data logger, and long-range wireless link.



The Ceres CS1 wireless soil sensor is designed for agriculture.  It monitors and reports soil moisture and temperature (at 2″ and 4″ depths) every 15 minutes.  Data is transmitted using a long-range wireless link so sensors can be placed anywhere on your farm.  Features include:

  • Rugged polycarbonate-blend enclosure, resistant to impact, sunlight,
    and common agricultural fertilizers and chemicals.
  • Long wireless range – a proprietary transceiver and protocols provide
    much greater range than WiFi or Bluetooth or other common wireless \
    networking protocols.
  • 10+ year battery life – the internal battery operates over all outdoor
    temperatures and provides greater than 10 year service life.
  • FCC certified

Data is securely stored in the cloud and always accessible from your mobile phone or computer.  Sensors integrate with Ceres irrigation controls, rain gauges, and farm automation to provide a complete smart farming solution.

Note: A Ceres Gateway is required to receive the long range wireless transmissions and bridge them to the internet.  Each gateway can support up to 100 wireless sensors and controls.


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